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- Ya greta resource, although it'll be alot better once conqerables have been sorted out, cause I'm pr ...2006.07.29 17:02:00
- Yup great service. A++ aswell ...2006.07.21 03:55:00
- WHo are the Sons of Enelaise? ...2005.09.26 02:16:00
- Edited by: Regulas on 17/09/2005 22:30:19 MMMMM Sanshas, will give me somthing to do inbetween mini ...2005.09.17 22:29:00
- Once i flew a phoon virtulay unequiped right through the heart of empire, evan though we were at war ...2005.09.02 22:37:00
- Edited by: Regulas on 25/07/2005 21:33:55 Heres the fastest way to learn ASCN history :) :ASCN his ...2005.07.25 21:33:00
- hardners are active nergised plates are passive.An "active modual" is any that you have to activate ...2005.07.23 14:43:00
- Well all i know is that my corp matyes did some tests and they said that they got much better hits f ...2005.07.23 12:17:00
- Well i dont knwo exactly how it works but i no for sure that a bomber will hit with cruise betetr th ...2005.07.22 23:28:00
- Remeber that Bombers have much better scanners then BS thsi alone makes its Cruise missles hit INFIN ...2005.07.22 22:52:00
- I just came up with a non cloak build that could be half-decent:However it wuld require enginering 5 ...2005.07.22 22:03:00
- Edited by: Regulas on 22/07/2005 03:52:20 What stealth bombers really need is ewither access to the ...2005.07.22 03:52:00
- Edited by: Regulas on 22/07/2005 01:42:45 Hmm now i guess since there npc turrets thwey could get a ...2005.07.22 01:42:00
- Like somthimes at gates they can be surrounded with cord and police and sentry guns. however In addi ...2004.08.23 18:48:00
- well where do i got to update my video drivers? ...2003.12.18 01:29:00

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