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- Can it be done? no.Bet you feel stupid after all the posts that say it can :P ...2011.09.01 14:56:00
- The problem with EVE is CCP is a business and has to turn a profit.Their ideas on how they can best ...2011.09.01 14:42:00
- Hi,I see a lot of posts about we don't want CQ and WiS etc but I wanted to put an opinion out there ...2011.09.01 12:33:00
- What happened so CCP? Where did it all go wrong? ...2011.08.29 15:47:00
- EVE Online: The Great War (PAX Prime 2011) : new b ...2011.08.29 15:39:00
- What happens when nobody plays Dusk? Will taking sov depend on Dusk forces taking a planet?Looks to ...2011.08.29 15:36:00
- I would love to see integration of Dusk into WIS.Ideally, Dusk combat teams should be allowed to be ...2011.08.29 15:22:00
- I think this could potentially work but they should be booted to an normal NPC corp once they have a ...2011.08.29 13:53:00
- I second this, CSM should not be voted on in the way it is as it just ensures that the big alliances ...2011.08.12 13:01:00
- Can you post the faction fit please? Or mail it to Cme Biguns in game? ...2011.07.13 10:53:00
- Hi Folks,I am looking to buy a Chimera carrier in the Citadel region.Is there anyone out there that ...2011.07.12 15:21:00
- Edited by: Randy Foker on 10/07/2008 13:08:03 If the first fellow there does not respond I will put ...2008.07.10 13:07:00

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