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- Why not install a flash based UI and open the source code for it? Then the players can do the UI ov ...2011.02.04 18:50:00
- Vagilicious > Fee Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of a Gestapo Nun.Look baby, thats just how I roll ...2011.01.28 18:49:00
- AFK cloakers are just that, AFK. Its the players that are cloaked and actively roaming you should w ...2011.01.28 18:04:00
- Khaed Duhn > I'll hit that.Crazy? Thats not the voices tell me ...2011.01.28 17:57:00
- I wear my sunglasses at night?So I can, So I can ...2011.01.28 02:50:00
- ..Say that again and I will KILL you. ...2011.01.28 02:45:00
- I messed around with a second attempt. Added some more scarring, changing eye color and lighting ch ...2011.01.22 02:02:00
- No plastic or WHAM! shat here. Rebels!lol, WHAM! ...2011.01.21 19:17:00
- Out my threadYo, I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish, But Heimdal Galplen had one of t ...2011.01.21 16:18:00
- I look nothing like "plastic" or "botox" anything. These scares and age should prove that.Women love ...2011.01.21 03:31:00
- herro. ...2011.01.20 23:36:00
- Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on I downloaded the new patch now eve will not pla ...2011.01.20 04:05:00
- Pods can't carry that much mass. Maybe one day, when the tech comes around, we will have pods capab ...2011.01.20 03:57:00
- Who 'm I??? I think I've seen my face somewhere.. as a movie poster or something. Can someone help?S ...2011.01.20 03:47:00
- The character creator is AMAZING, just to start off with that point... but moving beyond that- it is ...2011.01.20 03:43:00

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