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- So you are looking for a corp to join? You want access to all that null sec has to offer? You want ...2010.05.27 07:12:00
- Pacific Dawn is entering a new era as a 0.0 corp in Controlled Chaos. Hence we are looking to recrui ...2010.05.24 12:34:00
- Hey Cobalt Ox,Pacific Dawn might be of interest to you. *Plenty of High Sec Missions/Mining *Null S ...2010.01.27 18:07:00
- Xndo2, I think you might be a decent fit for our corp. We are a bunch of friendly mixed skill chara ...2010.01.27 03:12:00
- Edited by: Jalden Ral on 27/01/2010 02:14:48 Hey guys,I have a group of guys who are wanting to joi ...2010.01.27 02:14:00
- Edited by: Jalden Ral on 23/11/2009 08:08:36 Can you tell me why some lock and unlock votes require ...2009.11.23 08:08:00
- new bump ...2009.10.08 19:12:00
- Hey Sabina, We're not looking for more corps as we want to keep our alliance structure very narrow ...2009.08.25 06:55:00
- Hey Zac, I just thought I would give you a bit more info.Instead of posting a new post in the forum ...2009.08.11 01:46:00
- Hey Sabrinta,How would you like to join a corp with real Aussies in it? We are not 0.0 but we have l ...2009.07.30 16:21:00
- Mik,I love your post! I think you would really fit in here with us in TerF.Plenty of UK players. We ...2009.07.30 16:10:00
- Hey Zak,I have a friend who uses a similar program with just a button beside her head. So I know how ...2009.07.30 15:58:00
- Sorry guys but we're not letting him leave. He belongs with us and that is where he's staying.If you ...2009.07.24 02:44:00
- ^^^ ...2009.07.15 06:55:00
- new bump ...2009.07.09 00:28:00

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