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- LOL... Anime... Anime is so... GAY!!!! Stop watchin cartoons!!!!!Scorpionidae ...2011.09.09 16:11:00
- Best Forum of the EVE online Forums! We love you! ♥♥♥Bye Bye and I will always com ...2011.09.09 16:08:00
- You are not alone Slade!!!!We love you OOPE!!!! ♥♥♥Scorpionidae ...2011.09.09 16:05:00
- The best Forums out there you shall be missed!And you guys thought it was going to be a I quit threa ...2011.09.09 05:57:00
- Downloading I will be back...Scorpionidae ...2011.09.08 15:45:00
- Has prob been said already but hey I don't care so here it is.U mad... Bro?Scorpionidae ...2011.09.08 15:20:00
- I have been to Jove space. As have many others when taking part in Alliance tournaments. A GM moves ...2011.09.08 14:48:00
- I have a crapload of these drones and I see them selling for 80 mill each...Is this an item I should ...2011.09.07 10:41:00
- So I've tryed to fit this thing out and just can't do it! Could anyone share there fits please!!!Tha ...2011.09.07 10:37:00
- Why you leaving... there is nothing wrong with the game!!!! I know what this is... its a make as men ...2011.09.07 09:01:00
- Very much enjoyed this vid thank you. And keep it up!!!This is my 100th post in My EVE!!!Scorpionida ...2011.09.06 22:16:00
- Stabber is a great ship!!!! Very fun!Scorpionidae ...2011.09.06 22:06:00
- Torps!!!!Scorpionidae ...2011.09.06 22:04:00
- Edited by: Scorpionidae on 06/09/2011 21:24:32 How do you find out?Well oh crap 528 isn't much Scor ...2011.09.06 19:18:00
- I'll still be able to come to these forums to look back up on some of my topics right???Scorpionidae ...2011.09.06 17:26:00

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