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- I can't say that I agree with all of the physics in eve online, but to nitpick on muzzle velocity an ...2010.06.03 13:50:00
- Still need targeting 5 and navigation 5 as well :p @ 38mil skillpoints ...2010.05.12 12:09:00
- Supported. ...2010.05.11 18:42:00
- IT'S OVER 150MILLION?!Grats anyway :D ...2010.05.07 12:09:00
- I think there's an assembly hall topic on this, so go support it :) Anyway, I do agree with this ide ...2010.04.17 10:32:00
- If you'd use sentries, definately a omnidirectional trackinglink. Ogres havent got trouble dealing w ...2010.04.17 10:26:00
- I prefer to fit shieldtanks to most gallente ships as well. My problem isnt "some armor-tank failfit ...2010.04.15 10:03:00
- If we'd get new content which requires these boundaries... But I guess we won't see that until 6 exp ...2010.04.14 15:18:00
- Or this thread should be in market discussions, since selfdestruction is how traders and industriali ...2010.04.09 06:09:00
- Get cybernetics 1 as soon as possible, after you get analytical mind lvl 3 for example. +3 implants ...2010.04.09 05:55:00
- CCP is already planning to bring it back, move along now! ...2010.04.08 20:22:00
- With normal hulls you can just self-destruct them and get a meager payout. The real money rolls when ...2010.04.08 12:19:00
- I would like to see the option to sell killrights to others. Would allow a new form of "bounty hunte ...2010.04.08 12:11:00
- If you havent got anything left to train which benefits your current choices of ships, getting specs ...2010.04.08 09:22:00
- Thanks for reopening this thread. Fully supporting this. ...2010.04.07 21:11:00

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