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- this program isn't accurate for me. i've loaded up my toon, i have all the right skills, but it's co ...2008.08.13 21:22:00
- Prices on skillbooks vary over time just like commodities. Once there is a new patch, those prices r ...2008.06.11 16:28:00
- yeah that is normal :) always seems to be the station I am in has the highest price for skillbook ...2008.06.11 16:25:00
- there has always been a slight variation in prices, normally in the 1-2% range, due to standings i a ...2008.06.11 16:22:00
- Where in the patch notes does it say that skill book prices have changed? It seems that every NPC s ...2008.06.11 16:18:00
- Thought the T1 hull of the nighthawk was the ferox not the drake?It is. However, the Ferox is a rai ...2008.04.10 18:34:00

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