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- BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH This "leak" is hysterical.I can't believe people actually believe this. It's comple ...2011.06.24 17:34:00
- CCP are going to TRY and be greedy, we see that now, in the AUR prices for vanity items.They WILL SU ...2011.06.24 12:16:00
- Jesus Christ, I have 80 pages of this to read through at work tomorrow?!GJ btw CCP, can't wait to re ...2011.06.24 02:44:00
- It's somewhat surprising that accounts that were banned, and have since returned, aren't flagged for ...2011.06.10 17:13:00
- I'd have read this, but it's so obviously a troll, so I won't bother.0/10 ...2011.06.10 10:31:00
- Was there a new feature introduced that removed the mouseover information about celestials (allowing ...2011.06.09 10:19:00
- o/ ...2011.04.27 14:24:00
- As per the Research Agent guide, you will still accrue RP, though you will not be able to purchase d ...2011.04.27 12:11:00
- also in lowsec you can't run missions when you want to. at times when there are some pirates in a sy ...2011.04.27 12:05:00
- In related news, the 6 accounts that I petitioned at the start of the weekend, and that were gone sh ...2011.04.27 10:59:00
- If I start using an R&D Agent, then somehow manage to lose that min. standing, will I still receive ...2011.04.26 17:34:00
- I'm trying to think but nothing happens. ...2011.04.26 13:46:00
- i was just wondering why ppl wanna make their territory in 0.0 and why does ppl wanna stay in 0.0 in ...2011.04.26 12:56:00
- Isnt there a "right-click other person", "make CEO" option? ...2011.04.26 11:58:00
- Edited by: Chesty McJubblies on 26/04/2011 11:15:41 ... but yeah it burns me to try to snag the bot ...2011.04.26 11:15:00

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