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- I'm proud to be a member of this elite organization. ...2010.02.05 16:59:00
- today is a good day ...2010.02.03 07:30:00
- Hahahah this 0wns. ...2010.02.03 06:39:00
- Out of the ruins Out from the wreckage Can't make the same mistake this time We are the children ...2009.02.27 19:43:00
- Never stop posting no not believing in yourself are goon values ...2009.02.26 22:11:00
- Sounds pretty terrible. ...2009.02.26 17:59:00
- serious post: GF forums went down, goons came here. It's not spam, that's what our forums actually ...2009.02.21 08:30:00
- How the heck am I supposed to get reputation in this thread? :sad:You're DS1. You don't get reputa ...2009.02.21 02:36:00
- MAH RIFTAH is chillin in PR-rifter crew o9 ...2009.02.21 02:20:00
- make it rho, number onerho squad best squad(。◕‿‿◕。) ...2009.02.21 01:50:00
- im pretty sure every post in this thread has been GS/PL so far. if only caod could always be like th ...2009.02.21 01:48:00
- okay will frank frank infract posts here?free from the shackles of TWR moderation ...2009.02.21 01:35:00
- No more stories on TS. We're going to be losing allies by the dozens. So I was on SISI about an hou ...2009.02.21 01:34:00
- cant wait to play some EVE 0wnline ...2009.02.21 01:25:00
- We ****ing told you. ...2008.09.04 20:19:00

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