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- Won't say much about this subject since it is really touchy but I do feel that a certain item needs ...2011.08.06 17:03:00
- Supported. ...2011.08.06 00:19:00
- I agree wholeheartedly. ...2011.07.05 15:13:00
- Edited by: Gnean Tyrova on 26/06/2011 14:30:43 xBring back the old icons please. Possibly even the ...2011.06.26 14:30:00
- I have never done any of the lowsec incursions but to my limited knowledge on the matter, the conste ...2011.06.04 18:44:00
- As others have said "some good ideas, and some bad ideas" in this thread.Personally, I being able to ...2011.06.03 19:26:00
- +1The major concern/aspect that would need to be included though would be a total loss of modules/sa ...2011.06.01 00:22:00
- +1Can't see any glaringly obvious flaws atm.And yes, variety on the battle-field is good. ( after al ...2011.04.06 01:53:00
- A lot of good ideas here, but there are a few issues that do need to be brought up with respect to r ...2011.04.06 01:34:00
- Always an interesting idea.Personally like what Arban has suggested. The only downside would be dete ...2011.03.05 16:18:00
- +1For the most part sounds like a unique/new take on bounty hunting.As an added comment with regards ...2011.02.18 03:17:00
- +1 ...2011.02.16 04:17:00
- +1I like. Covert ops frigs are scouts and tbh, while being on the same grid as the enemy and knowing ...2011.02.16 03:52:00
- Like both aspects of the OP. Movies would be abit tricky though with regards to syncing but the beac ...2011.01.22 19:29:00
- Edited by: Gnean Tyrova on 22/01/2011 18:42:48 With regards to the OP: I dont see how changing the ...2011.01.22 18:41:00

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