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- Found it after scratching my half rum fulled brain ...2009.08.16 06:48:00
- I am looking for an old IRON pvp video that involved a trip down south with a bunch of HAC's.Someone ...2009.08.16 06:23:00
- You had best stay away from me and my Veldnought, LLAMA, otherwise the livestock will get it.I love ...2007.05.22 07:03:00
- Edited by: SweatySack on 17/05/2007 02:52:00 Toads will always be friends of LLAMA. The real reaso ...2007.05.17 02:54:00
- Well I guess I should get my crap out of 0.0 then. ...2007.05.17 02:39:00
- I was on a 6/7 month break from the game. Been back for 2 months on and off. Mostly doing NPC hunt ...2007.02.18 10:19:00
- <---- Inept diplomat for hire, now accepting offersthe north will be alight in no time! you ...2007.02.18 09:54:00
- Rifter for sure. I loved that ship my first year of eve. Use to get 5 to 1 kill ratios in that thi ...2006.12.08 08:00:00
- Hey man. I feel you. Thats why my account is inactive at the moment. Hell, I lost a phoon, put in ...2006.09.03 11:03:00
- Always sad to see an active player leaveFarewell, stay in touch with the forums, cause the addiction ...2006.08.13 11:13:00
- Well. I am done with this game. It has been a freaking blast. I just have done everything I have ...2006.08.13 11:06:00
- BTW Shin. I love you guys. I am not trying to be ****. Just saying BE members like to come on the ...2006.07.30 09:40:00
- Ok, I have looked at like 3 post in this thread.BE, I give you guys credit for being good gankers. ...2006.07.30 09:34:00
- Edited by: FotoFlame on 20/07/2006 15:29:19people being killed to metallica/megadeth/pantera - whats ...2006.07.23 07:29:00
- sets CDC to -10 ...2006.07.23 07:22:00

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