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- I do believe Capital ship skills affect capital ship mods. I fly a Pheonix, and Chimera.. I'm so use ...2006.12.16 20:40:00
- Edited by: Kelgen Thann on 16/12/2006 20:37:28 Ship 1 Blackbird - ECM, armour rep/shield booster, r ...2006.12.16 20:35:00
- The Key to solo PvP is to not use expensive mods when starting out. you want to be able to replace e ...2006.12.15 22:03:00
- If you run R&D I'd suggest research Project managment, or train up Wing command level 5, or if you h ...2006.12.15 16:53:00
- I would like it if the Skill actually worked... 2.5 years it has been broken. I've had it at level 5 ...2006.12.15 16:46:00
- One thing you will find is named Medium Noses cost a lot! I also find that when fighting a Frig I us ...2006.12.02 22:24:00
- A point about target painters, Tracking mods affect your ship while a painter affects another ship, ...2006.11.27 18:19:00
- And to get a tracking mod on, a turret ship has to give up either a low or a mid slot, which will ef ...2006.11.27 05:52:00
- Edited by: Kelgen Thann on 27/11/2006 03:49:19 right, now go out and try solo pvp'ing in a geddon.. ...2006.11.27 03:47:00
- Don't forget that you have low slot mods which increase shield resistance, shield HP and shield rech ...2006.11.26 23:20:00
- Want speed = miniTank and speed = caldariMini has best agility, and max speed, but less of a shield ...2006.11.26 23:16:00
- In all three cases, the sig radius difference can be made up by using a single target painter.Which ...2006.11.26 23:10:00
- Edited by: Kelgen Thann on 26/11/2006 22:56:21 You have 45m sp and your speaking like 3m sp noob... ...2006.11.26 22:54:00
- I read a bit more into it and the pre-reqs for advanced are being lowered to level 4 of basics. If t ...2006.11.26 18:55:00
- Edited by: Kelgen Thann on 26/11/2006 22:55:31 I heard the ranking of the Adv. Learning skills were ...2006.11.26 18:51:00

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