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- Hoping it's a bug that pod's are named incorrectly now as "S KAPSEL" as opposed to "'s Capsule". ...2011.04.06 20:55:00
- Majority of the tattoos look stupid and/or nightmarish. And who the hell puts metal spikes in their ...2011.04.06 20:27:00
- Rebalancing the loot tables of magnetometric sites wouldn't be a bad idea. I think nobody is running ...2011.03.31 02:18:00
- *When viewing the contents of a storage unit on a planet (such as a starport) the quantity sometimes ...2011.03.31 02:14:00
- This may seem like a strange question, but why in the hell does a ship's sensor strength effect the ...2011.03.28 02:22:00
- "Your character is located in XXXXXX which is currently being loaded. Please wait a moment and try ...2011.03.25 23:07:00
- Edited by: Cresalle on 25/03/2011 23:26:28 So basically what we're being told is that now that it's ...2011.03.25 22:37:00
- Nice. Now don't light it on fire. ...2011.03.25 09:53:00
- *baffled and amazed*A lot of people I know, myself included, were pretty bent about the way the CC i ...2011.03.19 23:45:00
- *Please auto-minimize the map control window when opening the map from the scanner window. *The tac ...2011.03.16 22:02:00
- * player portraits available in windows - Trading, giving money, chat invites and objects in spa ...2011.03.15 22:02:00
- Good call, CCP.However...I reject your nickname and substitute my own.Hence hereafter Duality shall ...2011.03.15 21:46:00
- Best graph evar. ...2011.03.15 21:41:00
- Edited by: Cresalle on 13/03/2011 05:51:53 Hmm...The structural problem should take less than an ho ...2011.03.13 05:45:00
- Edited by: Guillame Herschel on 05/03/2011 00:54:09 That is not the condition. The description doe ...2011.03.05 07:11:00

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