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- I for one look forward to punching people in the face.or stabbing high isk bounty members in the fac ...2011.06.21 18:11:00
- NAVIGATOR, Activate the Thread-De-Railment engine on the DOUBLE!STOUT SHAKO FOR TWO REFINED. ...2011.06.21 18:05:00
- Mac.PERMABANNED.this made me happy. thank you. ...2011.06.21 13:41:00
- you spin me right round baby, right round, l;ike a record baby, right round round round. you spin me ...2011.06.21 12:20:00
- always a solution, buy a better computer/ buy upgrades and self-install.but the less douche-y ideas; ...2011.06.21 10:47:00
- main - tail end of electronic upgrades 5, start of frigs 5 alt 2 - hoping the queue set with frigs ...2011.06.21 10:43:00
- Luckilly when i came for my first try at the casino, Edwin was online, and as soon as i made my acco ...2011.05.03 16:54:00
- Edited by: David Grogan on 26/05/2010 21:54:18 I'd like to know if anyone has any idea when Stem wo ...2010.05.26 21:58:00
- I'd like to know if anyone has any idea when Stem would be loading this patch to their servers. i on ...2010.05.26 21:44:00
- 8 minutes C'MON not sure i have patience for thatu have 8 mins, i have 11 hours, quit whining.Also, ...2010.05.26 21:02:00
- For all of you plonkers(Like that Australian guy that just woke up HEY MATE?!) that missed it in the ...2010.05.26 20:53:00
- i honestly NEED the patch to be released onto steam servers like... NOW(Australian) My internet conn ...2010.05.26 20:10:00
- Mhm, login screen looks good, how about you guys make the server working so we, the people, could lo ...2010.05.26 19:51:00
- That voice you are hearing.UAC dialogs should be accompanied by her voice saying "You failed" fro ...2010.04.28 09:00:00
- Edited by: Arimus Darkhart on 27/04/2010 19:02:11 ...2010.04.28 03:32:00

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