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- Is it just me or does it look like he is trying to figure out a way to buy money from rmt's by tryin ...2011.01.13 20:53:00
- thanks mate that is what I was looking for have a ammar stealth bomber that I want to try out was ju ...2010.12.04 02:54:00
- What I have been looking for and as of yet been unable to fine. Is there a list of what rat's are i ...2010.12.04 02:22:00
- lol Missus Malaprop with how scared you seem to be about posting upon your main are you that emotj g ...2010.11.13 17:26:00
- LOL wow I feel smarting from reading this thread. rl is not fair deal with it Tarawa even though ...2010.08.15 17:33:00
- just giving it a little bump ...2010.07.01 00:30:00
- I have been looking but I have not seen any carriers pilots selling as of late I am looking for pric ...2010.06.30 05:45:00
- lol ouch why would he try and fight back in that boat grin's and sigh's ...2010.06.09 05:44:00
- Edited by: slipperywhenhappy on 22/05/2010 01:27:19 lol grin's I guess that is one way to keep ther ...2010.05.22 00:20:00
- I don't know my self I think to many people are jumping up and down raising red flag's yet my self I ...2010.05.07 18:37:00
- What.... lol that is epic... I could see someone falling for the let's mine with each other.... but ...2010.05.04 16:59:00
- Edited by: slipperywhenhappy on 20/04/2010 05:55:18 ...2010.04.20 05:55:00
- I am looking for a Missile range calculator that matches the skill range of the user. I have looked ...2010.04.04 18:13:00
- Just north of Edmonton Alberta my self and ps go CANADA for winning gold in hockey and setting a ne ...2010.03.01 03:23:00
- though what you can do is drop a can with your battle ship :D have did that a few times with a ship ...2010.02.20 09:03:00

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