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- I fly Vagabonds but I am for the nerf. ...2008.07.28 14:41:00
- BoB - Not sure. Battle for Delve will be either very quick or very long. BRUCE - Great. Didn't expe ...2008.01.08 21:55:00
- No one? ...2007.11.14 15:18:00
- The character must be able to fly T1 fitted BS, being able to fit T2 stuff is a plus. I'm am NOT lo ...2007.11.13 21:06:00
- Please give the Vargur at least enough Powergrid to fit 4 1200mm T2 Artis (incl. AWU5 and Engineerin ...2007.10.24 12:39:00
- Here's what I fly my level 4s for the Amarr Navy in:Highs: 8x 1400mm unless its against Angels, then ...2007.10.18 16:40:00
- Ah nevermind, I found the solution myself. Deleting the cache folder will show you the correct stand ...2007.03.09 20:06:00
- I still have a problem.When I check the Politics page in the corp menu, it still shows our standing ...2007.03.09 19:52:00
- that only applies to corp making a jump clone there, you should have personal standings at 8.0 so yo ...2007.03.08 21:38:00
- Thank you for the reply. I guess I have to wait for the standing to adjust. ...2007.03.07 17:49:00
- I started doing missions for a npc corp that no one in our corp had any standing with with the goal ...2007.03.07 17:34:00
- Starting Bid: 40M Buyout: 75MCurrent Bid: 40MPlease place your bids in-game in the region of Domain ...2007.01.19 09:30:00
- Anyone know what kind of DPS is necessary to kill this thing? We tried her with a Tempest and a Drak ...2007.01.03 11:45:00

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