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- I've got two toons looking for a 0.0 or lowsec corp. I'll be honest and say I have very little exper ...2011.02.03 17:29:00
- Roflmao, this topic is probably going to be the highlight of my day. Not quite sure if I support it ...2011.01.13 15:47:00
- Is this the same Darius III who complains about getting ganked all the time? Yet he earns free money ...2011.01.02 16:30:00
- 50 mil to me is a fair price.Getting out of wardecs is easy.24 hrs to wardec = 24 hrs to set new C ...2011.01.02 15:55:00
- Edited by: Zynnis AtManath on 02/01/2011 15:27:12 Account 'hacking' in eve is rarely anything of th ...2011.01.02 15:23:00
- No.What a great post....I hate Jita anyways.... ugh, jita... ...2011.01.02 15:02:00
- I'd be mad if I got hacked and not reimbursed.I play WoW as well, I was recently hacked on my accoun ...2011.01.02 14:48:00
- I solo level four missions and salvage them solo as well. It all comes down to who's the fastest. If ...2011.01.02 14:21:00
- Update! Tyr's not here so I guess I'll do it...Two more have joined our ranks. We're almost to level ...2010.11.22 02:49:00
- Edited by: Zynnis AtManath on 21/11/2010 05:51:08 Come check us out seriously. It's hard to find a ...2010.11.21 05:46:00
- Closed, I found one. Thanks to all those who messaged me! ...2010.10.08 22:35:00
- Guess I ought to be more specific. If there is a minimum skill point I'm not interested, sorry, but ...2010.10.08 18:50:00
- Edited by: Zynnis AtManath on 08/10/2010 17:36:56 I'm looking for a small Corp with experienced, ma ...2010.10.08 17:30:00
- it would be nice to here from a ccp dev or gm or what ever on what the problem is Why? Isn't anythi ...2010.09.30 18:35:00
- OkWorked for like 8 hours, watched last mad men episode, washed my dishes, made laundry, had some ph ...2010.09.30 18:28:00

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