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- with a full halo set the lowest you can get is a bit over 18m sig, small drones have 25m resolution, ...2008.06.14 21:50:00
- er where to start ? :\a 820 dps omni tank is way to much for pve. you can get about the same tank w ...2008.06.13 08:05:00
- Actually i think the dramiel isn't that bad. It can dish out some nasty damage (for a frig), it's do ...2008.06.09 23:56:00
- no the cn one will still be a bit better but t2 can use t2 ammo. ...2008.06.08 01:50:00
- would be really great for lasers :D maybe too great tho :p ...2008.06.07 23:54:00
- Nonetheless you should at least fit a buffertank because you should expect to be attacked by 5 medi ...2008.06.07 13:49:00
- Ecm is chance based; simply divide your jamming strength by the opponents sensor strength and you ge ...2008.06.07 13:02:00
- Honestly if you allow pvp within mission areas all you will have achieved is lots of privateers go t ...2008.06.06 20:42:00
- simple and effective. /signed only problem I see is taking away resistance bonuses...or are they f ...2008.06.06 14:09:00
- And there should be a way to encounter a spy. None of the ideas will make a cloak decloak with tha ...2008.06.06 13:31:00
- ooooooh shiny ...2008.06.06 12:19:00
- Allen Ramses I like your ideas for the mining barges except i would change a couple of things1. if t ...2008.06.06 12:13:00
- iteron mk 5low 2x signal distortion amp 2 1x 400mm plate 2 1x thermal hardener 2 1x kinetic hard ...2008.06.05 23:15:00
- nice idea, mazbe the clock could move counter clockwise as to not look like wow too much ...2008.06.05 22:51:00
- We are not talking about increasing the chance to decloak a cloaked ship for gatecampers. And no, ...2008.06.05 20:13:00

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