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- Edited by: Alaph Force on 30/12/2009 15:27:11 Edited by: Alaph Force on 29/12/2009 17:38:12 R.E.C. ...2009.12.29 17:35:00
- Tell your bomber pilots to convo me for lessons. Panda Team delivers on the lulz. Makes those lonely ...2009.12.29 17:07:00
- Don't have a lot of time to play but would like a good friendly corp to join. Previous pvp experienc ...2008.02.13 19:28:00
- As a former TTI CEO I would like to congratulate TTi on its persistance and unwillingness to just di ...2007.10.07 22:44:00
- Gratz and good fight. ...2007.09.09 22:37:00
- Edited by: Alaph Force on 02/06/2007 23:32:00I think Iíve finally gotten my ideal EvE environment in ...2007.06.02 23:28:00
- Edited by: Gama24 on 07/12/2006 23:28:37... and ruin a game that I enjoy playing.By condoning this c ...2006.12.08 00:08:00
- I am really liking the new broadcast system for gangs. Its great for those who dont have TS. And the ...2006.12.02 16:16:00
- OMG I didn't past page 2 because of my ADD but this seems like a damn good way to collect salvage an ...2006.11.29 23:54:00
- thats the one, still want to know what that song is. I love it. also Lollerskates is a damn funny na ...2006.11.21 23:33:00
- I found a small video made by Lollerskate and Candy about killing an AFK Raven, video here. What the ...2006.11.21 19:40:00
- You have to get the firefox Eve-downtime extension working with 2.0 I love that extension...please h ...2006.11.06 04:26:00
- One problem with T2 ammo is that the penalties are the same globaly. L,M, and S all have the same pe ...2006.11.05 05:23:00
- Yeah so it took almost 3 hours to get on and here are my notes: * The moving of the most wanted t ...2006.10.25 02:25:00
- Starting the hagle point at 30mil. Item is safley located in Rens ...2006.09.09 07:51:00

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