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- Howdy fella,I've flown against you before, if you want to kick some ass and actually laugh hard when ...2011.09.06 15:57:00
- Join channel DIDDUMS ingame,Check out our killboard on eve-kill and battleclinic to see what we're a ...2011.09.06 15:49:00
- Still on the lookout for good ole pvpers.. ...2011.09.06 13:06:00
- bumpages.. ...2011.09.04 12:24:00
- Bank holiday monday bumpage.. ...2011.08.29 17:56:00
- Sunday Lunch with Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy bump... ...2011.08.28 10:49:00
- based in lowsec, pvp all over low and nullsec..Channel DIDDUMS ingame..Small, organised and really e ...2011.08.27 23:18:00
- Join channel DIDDUMS ingame..We're small, organised and effective at almost all forms of pvp (we suc ...2011.08.27 23:14:00
- Step up to the plate mate,You want aggressive pvp and having fun doing it rather than hiding until y ...2011.08.27 23:12:00
- I've seen the rest of the peeps on this thread in action and although I was looking for a corp recen ...2011.08.26 09:52:00
- hey mate, drop into channel diddums ingame..We're a lowsec based small gang corp and alliance but we ...2011.08.26 09:10:00
- Up!!! still looking for euros.. ...2011.08.26 08:38:00
- Join us mate, we're small but I have multiple personalities so it can seem like 150 men...But seriou ...2011.08.22 11:54:00
- Hi mate,We're not a 0.0 corp but we do spend alot of our time pvping in 0.0 I get exactly what you ...2011.08.22 11:45:00
- Our Recruiting threadCheck it out or join channel DIDDUMS ingame, choice is yoursWe can and will hel ...2011.08.22 11:33:00

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