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- Edited by: Dajjal on 30/04/2009 21:21:37 /wavesthis is the 3rd char i mademy 1st had like a million ...2009.04.30 21:19:00
- Trés bien mon ami ...2008.03.20 21:52:00
- 70 mil SPsi can't fly ravens ...2008.02.17 23:22:00
- recruitment threads should at least be accurate and not a wish list of what they would like to have ...2007.12.25 13:17:00
- "totaly ****ed off with CCP"me too...not once have they bothered to come round my local and buy me a ...2007.09.08 02:21:00
- Cap ships = the worst thing CCP ever introduced to this gamei would elaborate but you are all beneat ...2007.09.08 02:18:00
- my car needs an oil change!how dare CCP do anything else until they fix it! ...2007.09.08 02:14:00
- the more i look at the changes the more i like them and yes i am Amarr spec'd - but did train missil ...2007.08.01 11:05:00
- Black Lance...They are just like a dark pointy-stick and stuff ...2007.07.13 12:01:00
- PvP? Einarus > Zixxaany and everytime ...2007.07.12 22:49:00
- Edited by: Dajjal on 27/06/2007 16:38:28 CPU: Core 2 Duo Extreme RAM: 2GB Corsair GFX: SLi Dual 8 ...2007.06.27 16:38:00
- as procliamed by a GM tonight - continually logging in and out every few seconds is declared valid a ...2007.06.10 21:14:00
- "BOB wins EVE"???i thought Stain Alliance won EVE when Curse Alliance collapsed a couple of years ag ...2007.06.04 15:45:00
- *snip* LOL... ya, because if a hauler warps 0km from the gate is going to try to engage... rightLoo ...2007.05.29 12:51:00
- *snip* Ohh ok I see.. so basically... no risk. Because having a hauler warp in at 0km and get away ...2007.05.29 12:29:00

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