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- Er, why did you pod yourself? Why couldnt you just have docked up and then undocked in your pod? :pN ...2007.08.12 11:05:00
- to all the "just use an alt" people.I believe its a flaw in the game that you must rely on alts to d ...2007.08.09 23:31:00
- I think that my skill may have stopped training at 1200 exactly.It's now 1205.I hereby demand that m ...2007.08.03 12:09:00
- I read somewhere that WoW now has 9 million subscribers. Thats... sick. I don't think that those ...2007.08.01 15:48:00
- hey Kra.Your idea could work. But then that places people logging in in a difficult position (even i ...2007.08.01 15:39:00
- This is tied into local, so i know in future local is planned to be removed, but i'm sure that this ...2007.08.01 10:04:00
- I'm glad im not in Jita.-Z ...2007.06.24 20:00:00
- I can't help but feel that those people who are asking for more "pew pew zomg" are really missing th ...2007.06.21 09:28:00
- seems its fixed now :p ...2007.05.28 22:45:00
- in Melmaniel and just lost connection, and server status is this just a node, or multip ...2007.05.28 22:32:00
- 50 please, isk sent. ...2007.05.28 21:27:00
- I think the answer lies in not nerfing high-sec at all, that way people will not feel like they are ...2007.05.23 18:30:00
- As long as you don't give up on it.So many potentially great mods die just because their devs get bo ...2007.05.22 16:43:00
- 40 mill or thereabouts. ...2007.05.21 22:18:00
- yay for zatch, keep up the hard we have an ETA at all? :p-Z ...2007.05.17 15:26:00

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