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- Yep, I'd post with my main if this wasn't a Goon-related thread, and anyone who doesn't understand w ...2011.03.27 11:02:00
- Congratulations to some of the elected (the ones elected by real players)!It's quite a sad day to se ...2011.03.26 23:23:00
- Voting a Goons candidate, whatever he may say, means voting for Goons politics, isn't it obvious eno ...2011.03.11 13:24:00
- Voting for Mittani, or any Goon candidate, simply and explicitly means voting for a certain kind of ...2011.03.11 13:17:00
- My thought is, that kind of insurance is completely useless.If i buy and fit a half decent Vaga, I'l ...2010.05.13 23:08:00
- The insurance change has IMHO some interesting sides and some unfair ones.The interesting sides are ...2010.04.05 14:16:00
- How do scams add to gameplay? In terms of added frustration, added tension, added waste of time eve ...2009.04.09 02:04:00
- There are lots of scams in EVE, and that's maybe unavoidable, but one thing is knowing that it's "ge ...2009.04.09 00:29:00
- Edited by: Dray on 10/08/2008 14:31:08 Edited by: Dray on 08/08/2008 12:49:50 Finnally they nerfed ...2008.08.10 16:38:00
- /signed ...2007.10.25 15:23:00
- /signedBe it a queue or an "emergency skill", it would be at least decent to implement something to ...2007.09.12 17:57:00

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