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- Thank you, good sir; worked perfectly ...2007.06.04 15:50:00
- I beleive you mean "armor". Not if you speak real English (i.e. not American English) ...2007.06.03 18:26:00
- Great, thanks. ...2007.06.03 16:58:00
- I've just upgraded most of the hardware in my computer (CPU, motherboard, memory, PSU, sound card, g ...2007.06.03 14:48:00
- Edited by: Inquisitus on 16/05/2006 21:02:02 Sad to you go guys Fly safe. ...2006.05.16 21:01:00
- Thanks for the info... unfortunately I don't have director privelages so I can't really test for any ...2006.01.15 12:14:00
- nonsequitur, does that IGB class use up to date corp roles? ...2006.01.14 16:22:00
- Edited by: Inquisitus on 27/09/2005 06:08:10 Respect to you guys, good luck in the future.But for n ...2005.09.27 06:08:00
- Edited by: Inquisitus on 25/09/2005 15:03:52 Actually, railguns don't use magnetic coils to acceler ...2005.09.25 15:00:00
- ya'know, I hope they eventualy do this with guns too. I am sick of seeing BS's flying around with fr ...2005.09.24 18:00:00
- I hope not tho... why?well, "jettison" in my eyes means that you're putting all the items you don't ...2005.09.05 20:14:00
- Edited by: Inquisitus on 05/09/2005 17:55:08 Please think about what you're about to post before yo ...2005.09.05 17:40:00
- The problem with manual controls is that the sheer amount of data that would have to be sent between ...2005.09.05 17:32:00
- 1. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd like the option of having missiles on overview, or at lea ...2005.09.03 08:39:00
- I'm getting this exact problem as well. I get really scared of the computer locking up when I do Pv ...2005.09.01 15:39:00

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