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- Thanks for the replies. Always a wealth of info to be learned. I know I'll be in the Domi for the ne ...2011.08.04 13:35:00
- Ok so been a few weeks now, still no fix and still no reply from anyone on my thread here. Could I g ...2011.08.04 13:07:00
- PVE and PVP expansionFamiliar faces will follow us into this new galaxy as all of the pirate faction ...2011.07.22 17:08:00
- Here is my vision for Eve and was wanting to see what everyone else thought of it. Back-story for ex ...2011.07.22 17:05:00
- Going on the third day that this post has been up here and many other threads have been commented on ...2011.07.21 12:54:00
- So, I get the same response as I have before on this issue, no one wants to reply with any ideas or ...2011.07.19 19:01:00
- I am still having issues with my carrier losing its fittings after getting back in after salvaging a ...2011.07.19 14:38:00
- I have already done that and the GM told me to refrain from undocking from my ship. ...2011.06.30 14:15:00
- If they really did fix that this morning thats great, 1 of 2 bugs that are really ticking me off sol ...2011.06.30 13:54:00
- Yes, I download and install all patches reguardless. ...2011.06.30 13:45:00
- I am getting really annoyed at the fact that I now have warp my carrier back to dock in a station or ...2011.06.30 13:42:00
- They still have to fix the crap they screwed up in this patch before they move on to a new one. I am ...2011.06.30 13:33:00
- All of a sudden today I am having loads of graphics glitches and issues with ships working like norm ...2011.06.26 17:41:00
- This puts a huge impact on my isk making. Before the patch I could get 3 sites done and into my hang ...2011.06.26 14:17:00
- Have not had any replies in ships and modules so thought I would move it here. Great bug when hoppin ...2011.06.26 14:11:00

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