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- Sounds like fun - isk sent. ...2010.01.02 03:16:00
- I actually made myself a spreadsheet. Evemail me with your email and I will send you a copy.Does no ...2009.12.31 20:44:00
- This guy and his alt sound legit.Um, no, I am a main.5M (and the projected prize pool) is peanuts.I' ...2009.12.31 20:18:00
- Sounds like fun.February 10, 2010Isk sent. ...2009.12.31 04:14:00
- You are correct, it will vary by location, and often by a great deal.In general though, as others ha ...2009.12.28 09:04:00
- Confirming cancel warp and re-warping no longer works on Right Hand of Zazzmatazz. Don't know about ...2009.12.07 08:42:00
- I used a Blasterthon for level 3 missions with great success. Most NPCs in lvl 3s will orbit at und ...2009.12.01 16:25:00
- You mine more, faster with 2x hulk than hulk + orcaMinimum needed for orca effectiveness is 2x hulk ...2009.09.16 17:16:00
- Edited by: Baka Lakadaka on 16/09/2009 02:40:56Miners and haulers can directly access the corp hanga ...2009.09.16 17:08:00
- What you really need is an Orca alt. Industrial Command Ships 4 plus expander IIs and cargo rigs gi ...2009.09.15 02:32:00
- Actually, you can access ANY corp hanger division on a ship you are flying, irregardless as to if ...2009.09.14 22:17:00
- I don't think JetCans are a problem with an orca on hand - I maen, with the velocity increase, if so ...2009.09.14 17:34:00
- Hmm, I have worked for an agent in the past that was one jump from a different region and never been ...2009.09.14 16:36:00
- Has anyone ever been sent to a different region for a courier mission with a normal agent?I had two ...2009.09.14 13:24:00
- I run a Hulk with an Orca alt. I've noticed that the Orca pilot must be the squad leader for the bo ...2009.09.12 02:06:00

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