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- Edited by: Alaric T''Sun on 25/06/2011 16:16:40 Faction standings! Oh god that will ruin everything ...2011.06.25 16:16:00
- An unsub date and cancellation date are not the same thing. Some people have days left, some might h ...2011.06.25 15:52:00
- blah ...There are many out there that will migrate to Eve if they could use their own wealth to g ...2011.06.25 14:35:00
- who's to say a T3 BS with 99% resists and T3 ammo, all paid for in real money, wouldn't rip you an ...2011.06.25 02:04:00
- All five of mine. ...2011.06.24 20:01:00
- I moved from Galaxies to EVE.I don't know anyone else who did personally, but at this point, everyon ...2011.06.24 05:05:00
- They would, of course, be non-droppable items to keep them 'valuable'. ...2011.06.23 11:46:00
- Feed one child in Africa for nearly a year. ...2011.06.23 11:39:00
- If it is possible to target NPC stations. It might be kind of fun to try and blow up the Yulai VIII ...2011.06.23 11:26:00
- soon? ...2011.06.23 10:57:00
- I'm glad CCP thinks they can do it better than SOE, but in the traditional sense, that's what we cal ...2011.06.23 10:12:00
- Well, I had every intention of buying some of these vanity items.But 12,000 AUR for a looking glass ...2011.06.22 14:11:00
- I noticed it was much slower today as compared to yesterday.Just when I was getting excited to try m ...2011.05.23 02:15:00
- i've seen a number of these threads over the years and they still make me laugh. people still think ...2011.04.25 02:17:00
- I would rather see wh control device, takes large tower and eats all of its powergrid and cpu, but ...2011.04.25 02:14:00

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