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- I would like to nominate my comrade, Bado Sten. His legendary hatred for the Amarr Empire and all ...2011.04.07 14:11:00
- Edited by: Psidal on 12/10/2010 15:28:16 Great utility, glad you keep updating! ...2010.10.12 13:25:00
- This character account has been hacked, this thread is for the sole purpose of ripping you off.-Sign ...2010.03.02 21:24:00
- Looking for American prime time member for C5 ops. 6 PM eastern - midnight pacific. ...2009.12.30 16:25:00
- Highsec ganks are getting out of control, you can't even manually pilot a tanked T1 hauler anymore w ...2009.12.28 08:14:00
- Little bump action. Please convo Pocurk or myself with questions. ...2009.12.25 22:28:00
- Looking for a few players in US Prime time (6 pm eastern - midnight pacific) to round off our operat ...2009.12.06 05:28:00
- Bump de Bump ...2009.11.29 01:26:00
- I am director of wormholes for the US timezone, please feel free to contact me with recruitment ques ...2009.11.24 13:24:00
- Yep, you'll usually get more reprocessing than you will catering to the component buy orders in your ...2009.11.01 16:31:00

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