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- This has probably been suggested a 101 times, but I'm going to anyway...It would be nice to be able ...2004.08.05 12:29:00
- vanBuskirk?? what was the point in that?Yes graphics settings are something missing from Eve I feel. ...2004.04.22 15:22:00
- I had a slipup with my browser... thought i'd pressed 'next', i hadn't i'd pressed 'last'Apologies.. ...2004.04.20 19:00:00
- Anyone got info on the best Amarr or Gall frigate for mining???also, whats the base rate of a Miner ...2004.04.20 17:59:00
- I'm a relative newbie to Eve... but I like this idea. It seems to make a whole lot of sense. I do ha ...2004.04.20 16:33:00
- there seems to be a thing atm that what is casuign a CTD or Bsod-reboot...SOme ppl says it has to be ...2003.08.15 12:36:00
- try removing and reinstalling Dx... it may the register it with EVE properly...or, reinstall Eve...l ...2003.08.15 12:27:00
- tomorro night, I'm going to totally reinstall my PC, getting all drivers and stuff fully updated and ...2003.08.14 15:02:00
- you could try installing a Earlier verison of the drivers to see if it;s something new... OR try new ...2003.08.14 14:52:00
- But if you leave a 10 note on the floor, go out of sight, surely you are asking for it... Same appl ...2003.08.14 14:48:00
- "All your light bulbs, lightbulbs and lamps are belong to us", surely :P ...2003.08.12 11:29:00
- Sorry i'm dragging this up... "EVE is the modern day ELITE. Except it is better in almost every way. ...2003.08.10 09:27:00
- What Proxy are you using? ...2003.08.10 09:04:00
- Yep we are... my free time is ticking away... and I have barely been in the actual game for 5 minute ...2003.08.10 08:54:00
- Hmmm ****y ay? I'd Check that XP hasn't used it's own drivers over your previous for the mou ...2003.08.09 08:46:00

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