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- Edited by: Maryn Kilmak on 09/08/2009 20:58:09 On another note, why is the fifth largest alliance i ...2009.08.09 20:46:00
- Alturism is a fine corp, who under wise and benevolent leadership have and will continue to acomplis ...2009.07.25 22:32:00
- Slapping a the same one size fits all cloaking device on a rifter or a ragnarok always struck me as ...2009.07.05 00:40:00
- Edited by: Maryn Kilmak on 30/06/2009 00:33:21 Edited by: Maryn Kilmak on 30/06/2009 00:17:57 Edit ...2009.06.30 00:02:00
- Looks like Triumvirate has to bend over for a new cap fleet now They got a few out .. coming out of ...2009.06.29 18:41:00
- I went for the paladin. Is it worth swapping out for the navy apoc? ...2009.05.26 03:42:00
- Edited by: Maryn Kilmak on 21/05/2009 10:19:53 While I don't know the circumstances of the fight or ...2009.05.21 10:18:00
- Edited by: Maryn Kilmak on 30/04/2009 07:30:15 Edited by: Maryn Kilmak on 30/04/2009 07:28:11 Tbh ...2009.04.30 07:22:00
- Yeah I know the history and not advocating that anyone attacks them or anyone on these lists. Just t ...2009.03.09 13:58:00
- .. the whole space taking thing in Delve is based on someone causing the alliance holding space to l ...2009.02.24 01:44:00
- Edited by: Maryn Kilmak on 22/02/2009 15:48:35Wait a minute ... fish smell detector triggered .. tel ...2009.02.22 15:46:00
- I don't think Kengoku members can post on CAOD anymore I can confirm that Kenzuki members ARE allow ...2009.02.18 14:51:00
- Kenny will be playing alts, Wii, xBox, other MMORPGs etc, while awaiting the ping on IRC to log back ...2009.02.16 19:54:00
- We offered BOB Krall Amar's Avatar at mineral cost last year when MC's self destruct mechanism had b ...2009.02.13 14:45:00
- While skiing myself around europe having semi good inet ... i read the magic Goon capture of B0B etc ...2009.02.12 11:52:00

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