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- hi well done. my main accounts at 103 mil my other account needs 2.2mil to get 100 mil will i be the ...2010.04.08 06:58:00
- HeHe i made 4th on total skills :) if i had enuff dosh i could get another 5 or 6 :) 1 more bs5 a ...2009.09.15 22:09:00
- dual screen is possible. i have run twin monitors for a couple of years u need an nvidia card with ...2009.07.19 21:07:00
- well done tripoli!im chasing but dont think i'll ever get the titan skills. prolly take me another ...2009.05.28 08:26:00
- hi try rdex join channel rex public for a chat. see how it goes :)honour ...2008.12.13 22:12:00
- hi try RDEX , we been going for a while now :) join channel rex public and talk to us.honour ...2008.12.13 22:09:00
- jump calibration 6 :) ...2008.10.28 20:17:00
- what he only used one monitor for need two or preferably 3 to get eveything on the scr ...2008.09.03 21:10:00
- damm fine ...2008.07.28 22:17:00
- the freighter through jump portal resupply method. as i hear NERFed. increased the mass of freighte ...2007.11.04 12:03:00
- Not happy with carrier nerfs. but ccp will do as they wish.. wether i like it or notSo they dont wa ...2007.10.27 23:21:00
- its corp standing. when i reprocess stuff i get everything. i have refine and refine efficeny 5,pl ...2004.12.21 16:49:00

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