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- Oh god I used to spend hours upon hours on these farmers down in stain. With the previous probing s ...2009.06.17 09:57:00
- that 2nd carrier will collapse the wh... Which probably leads to empty carriers in wh space. Yay ...2009.05.27 12:09:00
- bumps used to be most effective when hitting "stop ship" before getting too close to the target. Is ...2009.05.27 12:07:00
- Edited by: Dahin on 19/05/2009 02:27:43 Edited by: Dahin on 18/05/2009 08:01:58 hrmm....Did you ch ...2009.05.18 07:53:00
- This tactic was widely discussed in the xzh D2 vs goon back in oh... really old.I cannot confirm wit ...2009.01.30 15:18:00
- the whole point is to kill a couple before you die, because you will die eventually but at least you ...2009.01.30 14:54:00
- They can, but if they move into smartbomb range cloaked in order to get hit, it is a petition-able o ...2009.01.30 14:43:00
- I clearly resent the friggie not stealing one of your cans. From the looks of it you'd shoot him, a ...2009.01.30 14:39:00
- Not going to happen Former enemies reforming? Yes please.Hatred is what fuels my gaming machine. N ...2009.01.30 14:36:00
- Edited by: Dahin on 23/01/2009 14:51:10 your alpha contributes to the fear it puts in your foolish ...2009.01.23 14:49:00
- Another thread where the op asks "what to train?" and doesn't state his purpose.Drones: Excellent sm ...2009.01.23 14:42:00
- Edited by: Dahin on 23/01/2009 14:32:06 widly depends on what you want to do.Solo PvP was always mi ...2009.01.23 14:31:00
- Edited by: Dahin on 19/01/2009 01:51:06 Since I've repeatedly posted ways to do what you ask, I'll ...2009.01.19 01:50:00
- now now lunas, it wasn't that bad.I got so bored waiting for FE to decloak that instead I found a wa ...2009.01.17 02:27:00
- metagaming sucks but I'm cool for bumping caps out of pos.Fountain was fun. ...2008.11.20 00:31:00

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