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- Both yesterday and today I received this message ingame:> 10:35:50 Notify You were logged out of aud ...2010.09.19 10:59:00
- Skill sheet here for viewing. Need any more info? ...2009.04.03 10:24:00
- What price a 90m sp all rounder? Several clones: +5s, full xtal, none implanted etc. ...2009.04.02 21:21:00
- Can some people still see them? I see screenies are still being posted, and rated. ...2008.12.28 18:27:00
- Is there a setting I need to select to be able to view these? All I can see is a symbol for every pi ...2008.12.27 21:53:00
- Been playing Eve for 4.5 years on pretty much the same computer and rarely have had a fault. But a c ...2008.03.07 12:08:00
- I've been playing Eve for 4 years and never had these files before, what's changed with windows? ...2007.12.18 15:24:00
- They're not needed unless you are a game programmer trying to fix the crashes.I'm not a game progr ...2007.12.18 13:40:00
- Because you didn't have to pay for the expansion. ...2007.12.10 11:35:00
- 1. No 2. Not needed ...2007.12.06 19:32:00
- Grannos, I invite you to join FusionPublicChat to see what we have to offer. Fto. ...2007.10.14 00:29:00
- This might cheer you up some: Scammers make mistakes. Occasionally they'll place a buy order instead ...2007.07.16 20:45:00
- I don't know if it adds to lag or not, but your idea should be implemented anyway. Or, maybe they do ...2007.04.18 08:46:00
- 6 days left ...2007.04.08 19:04:00
- On auction ingame is my Abaddon BPO. It is researched to ME 9. Starting bid is 1.2b, buyout is only ...2007.04.07 20:08:00

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