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- We all know bot's are ratting happily in 0.0 23.5 hours a day and raking in billions of bounties a d ...2011.06.08 03:57:00
- Edited by: Shiroi Kiba on 08/06/2011 03:50:30 I'd like to see moon goo to be a limited resource and ...2011.06.08 03:49:00
- I propose a new ship to counter the ever increasing Super capital fleets.The T2 Dreadnought.Requires ...2011.06.01 05:19:00
- I don't see what people are complaining about, The game worked fine before jump bridges were impleme ...2011.05.11 00:34:00
- What would happen if I was a passenger on a hauler and the hauler was blown up ?Do I wake up in a ne ...2011.05.09 04:27:00
- Super capitals are large in size, much larger than a standard capital ship. As such they should requ ...2011.05.09 04:23:00
- If you can pay concord to look the other while you war dec a corp/alliance then why can't you pay co ...2011.05.09 04:14:00
- Remove the ability of super carriers to lock structures of any type, then you will need conventional ...2011.05.06 00:31:00
- Bring back the AOE DD but with a script. Be a nice way to remove the super carriers DPS in one hit. ...2011.04.27 14:20:00
- Dread buff:Reduced seige timer to 5 min, in line with triage.Increase damage for larger targets, eg ...2011.04.26 06:30:00
- Well if not level 5, link it to level 3. ...2011.04.26 06:16:00
- Increase the fitting requirments for CSAA's so the POS cannot fit any defensive modules.CSAA's shoul ...2011.04.25 11:27:00
- I read in coad about creating a cost for having standing lists and would like to see something like ...2011.01.29 10:07:00
- I propose that ship maintenance bays on capitals have an audit log of who removes ships from the bay ...2011.01.10 00:19:00
- Sending isk to Lady BristolI will have space in 10 hours for character transfer ...2010.11.26 07:47:00

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