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- I have a feeling that 0.0 is going to be the base that all other areas diverge from. Hence why they ...2011.08.08 10:45:00
- Doing something just "because it would be cool/neat/awesome" is always a bad idea and will come back ...2011.08.04 08:29:00
- /facepalm ...2011.07.10 16:12:00
- Downloading now.Will be donating as soon as I've watched it.Is there any way in which we can see how ...2011.05.30 10:10:00
- Yawn. Another moron that thinks just because their idea is different it's better.This is also Duchas ...2011.05.23 17:25:00
- Rubbish!I solo Passive Drakes in my Brutix. It's easy. ...2011.03.22 17:41:00
- I am starting to agree with most people in this thread that removing stacking penalties would be a b ...2011.03.10 10:40:00
- bump ...2011.03.08 12:22:00
- bump ...2011.02.22 12:23:00
- This has been suggested before.... put to the CSM..... Passed and I believe presented to CCP who I t ...2011.02.17 11:42:00
- With reference to my earlier post in regards to the Brutix being a pig to fit for RR'ing compared to ...2011.02.02 00:33:00
- Although I love the idea and it is an idea I have tried to push myself in other threads I'm a little ...2011.02.01 15:20:00
- I do like this idea. How easy it would be to implement though I do not know.Also, confusion is a hug ...2011.01.27 10:10:00
- Chance-based stunlock is an intrinsically horrible and unbalanced idea, and the guy who first prop ...2011.01.27 10:01:00
- Edited by: Whitehound on 24/01/2011 19:47:56 With all the suggestions regarding blasters, railguns ...2011.01.25 13:32:00

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