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- Free bump for some epic maths Reserve Price Per Unit: 235 Million Isk Market price is currently jus ...2011.01.31 19:07:00
- I thought people only post their items here if they want to get rid of stuff quickly. His offer soun ...2011.01.11 19:02:00
- EVE is in no way shape or form like the Marne Corps. nor a Marine.Marines are not kept angry so they ...2010.01.21 18:42:00
- Edited by: AlmightyLordOf Jita on 01/01/2010 03:53:02 fRESH bUMP - HappY NeW YEar I lOVe nUBs:) ...2010.01.01 03:39:00
- fRESH bUMP - HappY NeW YEar ...2010.01.01 03:30:00
- Merry Christmas all, may we all hang up our foil space hats and enjoy the pleasure of Turkey and Bee ...2009.12.25 02:12:00
- Edited by: AlmightyLordOf Jita on 14/12/2009 02:21:29 i smell a scam. yep this guy is a scammer, he ...2009.12.14 02:15:00
- Arghhh, another cheap sell-out to those bloody Meerkats...I hope i run into a gang of the little cri ...2009.12.10 11:27:00
- Would be nice actually to see that probing stuff is becomming more skill dependant again tbh, just ...2009.12.03 15:08:00
- Sorry guy, I haven't lost a ship in over 6 months of wh ops and neither has any corpmates unless we ...2009.12.03 14:33:00
- My initial statement i didn't have time to read weeks worth of posts was more of a reaction. I can ...2009.12.03 01:29:00
- My main is only trained in combat skills. Our guild is currently wardec'd so I don't want my gold ...2009.12.03 00:30:00
- Edited by: Emperor Cheney on 02/12/2009 06:29:25 being able to look at adult sites and play eve sim ...2009.12.03 00:02:00
- Yeah he should totaly get a crystal set and gimp his training time while overtanking seems good to m ...2009.12.01 19:20:00
- Is it possible for a properly setup Paladin and Guardian (remote repair) to do Class 4 anomalies?Rem ...2009.12.01 18:44:00

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