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- I came up with 519 days, 18 hours, 41 minutes, 40 seconds. If its tenths of a second as a base meas ...2008.01.22 19:26:00
- use time codes even cheaper without any overseas transaction chargeworks out 6.60 per month with 90 ...2008.01.21 19:18:00
- oh, just read this, fantastic:Holy Fire, Bruce Sterling ...2008.01.08 03:01:00
- stickies at the top of this forum and new players forum have lots of links. ...2008.01.08 01:29:00
- like folders in windows, have ships and containers listed in the assets window with a symbol that wi ...2008.01.08 01:27:00
- Edited by: Ed Anger on 28/12/2007 19:28:40Trading Hubs (by region)AmarrDomain Amarr (Major Hub) Pe ...2007.12.28 19:27:00
- word filters are moronic. please make it a changeable option at the very least. ...2007.12.28 14:00:00
- every ship above frigate should require people manning each station, cap ships would require 20 peop ...2007.12.22 05:12:00
- and if a girl? ...2007.12.22 05:09:00
- intelligence isnt bad, or internal security. almost all fightin' missions ...2007.12.22 01:38:00
- Every race and every ship has advantages and disadvantages, strong sides and weak sides. The problem ...2007.12.22 01:36:00
- If you make gate-camping unfeasible in low-sec then you better well put in a REASON for people to go ...2007.12.21 04:48:00
- i really dont understand the freakout over necroing. unless the underlying premise of what the threa ...2007.12.21 01:11:00
- Thoses ideas are nice but I'd also like all those damn lines from locked targets not crisscrossing a ...2007.12.20 04:15:00
- Anyone having issues/troubles downloading the non-premium content client. Every time I download it, ...2007.12.19 13:48:00

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