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- Edited by: Jolteon Taylor on 03/07/2011 16:20:00 I just wish they'd teach the characters how to run ...2011.07.03 16:20:00
- I don't think you quite appreciate how not mad i am. ...2011.07.03 01:30:00
- What exactly does Zulu / Arnar do as senior producer? Get final say in what does and doesn't go in E ...2011.07.02 22:51:00
- Hopefully CCP Fallout will be awarded a medal of some kind during the next Alliance Tournament for ' ...2011.07.02 22:48:00
- Fallout is immense win. Male or female, gay or not. I cannot stress how win they are. ...2011.07.02 22:34:00
- No statement from either CSM or CCP today. I'd like to think they're settling their differences on t ...2011.07.01 18:38:00
- I actually fully agree with everything OP posted. Way to go. Lets get some CCP guys in here reading ...2011.06.30 21:49:00
- Edited by: uyoi on 30/06/2011 15:18:52 How many days are these meetings expected to last? 2, 30th ...2011.06.30 15:20:00
- I do hope the attendees are wearing their best clothing, perhaps some $1000 jeans? ...2011.06.30 13:54:00
- lolhemadOH MY GOD! YOU ARE SO UGLY I FORGOT WHAT THE OP POSTED!!!!So much truth has never been said. ...2011.06.30 02:41:00
- I'd buy some. this, totally. ...2011.06.29 19:44:00
- Interesting results for the poll. I hope CCP pays attention. ...2011.06.29 14:04:00
- Why is the report in English, and why does it use US dollars? Most of the worlds banking reports us ...2011.06.27 23:40:00
- hear a myriad of languages I bet there is, especially during the past few days xD ...2011.06.27 18:36:00
- I'm currently wearing some cheap 3.55 jeans from the local British Heart Foundation shop. ...2011.06.27 17:18:00

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