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- Edited by: Karadan Kaarwen on 23/08/2011 20:37:21 sold ...2011.08.23 20:13:00
- Yes you did. Did you or did you not just say "I see a lot of needless foaming going on here"? Foam ...2011.06.27 19:14:00
- Growing up in a family that is apart of a service industry I can tell you 99% of the time the custom ...2011.06.27 19:09:00
- Edited by: Karadan Kaarwen on 27/06/2011 18:51:36A lot of players have already seen something concre ...2011.06.27 18:51:00
- I still see a lot of needless foaming going on here. Regardless of what has happened so far (most of ...2011.06.27 18:30:00
- What an odd thread. ...2010.09.23 22:46:00
- My RL friends who made up our small corp have recently left the game (RL sucks sometimes) leaving me ...2010.09.18 23:30:00
- Fassin had the distinct feeling he was out of his depth. He knew this because he was currently fight ...2010.08.11 17:23:00
- Even though hed been wearing a grav harness and had injected himself with anti-acceleration nano mo ...2010.08.11 17:20:00
- If you define almost cr*pping your pants fun, then please, turn that device on yourself. I could do ...2010.08.11 17:15:00
- Fassin was mildly alarmed. He'd been through the usual routine of asking if the drink was ok. Usuall ...2010.08.11 17:12:00
- I had an idea for a story today so typed out the beginnings of it. It definitely needs work but unfo ...2010.08.11 17:07:00
- See theres your problem your blind.Yes Eve is a awesome game, WHEN it works.CCP Do not SUCCESSFULL ...2010.05.25 15:12:00
- I've had to deal with this with a variety of other games, and as a programmer I can't llet it go any ...2010.05.25 12:50:00
- I hope the OP gets his ass scammed with such regularity that it makes him rage quit. It is the only ...2010.05.18 11:28:00

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