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- You can't engage somone in highsec (0.5 and above) without being at war with their corporation, havi ...2011.09.09 13:01:00
- While we're on the subject, if I cancel my account and it has an unclaimed PLEX on it, can I re-acti ...2011.09.08 12:30:00
- isnt there a wiki for stuff like this now? ...2011.09.02 05:32:00
- Edited by: Zanzbar on 23/08/2011 21:51:04 Its always funny when a player starts by stating that the ...2011.08.23 21:47:00
- Eve, you're doing it right.Btw that learning curve you experianced is just the boulder at the base o ...2011.08.05 05:54:00
- And lasers can chabge ammo instantly rather then wait 10 seconds like all other weapons which is why ...2011.08.04 16:12:00
- Race only really decideds your rookie ship, where on the map your character is born, and your charac ...2011.08.04 12:59:00
- its funny how people keep on mentioning maxed out eve characters when in reality they don't exist ou ...2011.08.03 23:28:00
- That's EXACTLY what happens to me every time I even try to enter some lowsec systems for some PvP. J ...2011.07.31 04:22:00
- P.s. I did this on a cellphone so back off grammer ****... iknow your out there*You'reActually...*P. ...2011.07.28 17:38:00
- 1. Finishing the tutorials as well as th epic arcss csn earn you several ships that can be usefull f ...2011.07.27 20:41:00
- open the corporaion interface then click members -> applications -> acceptYou must be ceo, a directo ...2011.07.22 21:02:00
- As said above this is the wrong forum for this. And no, wormholes were never ment to be inhabited fo ...2011.07.20 21:13:00
- First of realize larger ships thend to be much slower and a battleship such as the raven will only d ...2011.07.20 13:11:00
- Dont listen to stuffed shirts talking about rites of passage and all that guff. Granted not everyo ...2011.07.19 19:10:00

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