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- The likelihood - no, the certainty - of violent retribution is no good reason to abandon a dream.I'd ...2009.03.28 18:31:00
- Reality and practicalities should never cause one to cease to dream.I know all about having a dream ...2009.03.28 17:30:00
- Were the Intaki to remove themselves from the Federation they would find themselves a very small fis ...2009.03.28 14:35:00
- This was raised by Ankh back in September, did anything ever come of it?CSMWiki Link ...2009.03.27 22:15:00
- We were always necessary. ...2009.03.20 18:45:00
- Edited by: Daelin Blackleaf on 18/03/2009 16:58:12 I'd be happy to do what I can to help with any E ...2009.03.16 21:13:00
- :effort:I suddenly feel demotivated.The discussion pages on Sansha's Nation are currently blank, as ...2009.03.16 11:22:00
- Edited by: Daelin Blackleaf on 15/03/2009 22:41:50 Edited by: Daelin Blackleaf on 15/03/2009 22:41: ...2009.03.15 22:33:00
- Added descriptions and loot drop descriptions for the Sansha officers found in the newly released bo ...2009.03.13 16:15:00
- Can't take any credit for finding 37S that was Shaikar who " had a look through the solar system des ...2009.03.13 02:13:00
- Primer updated with new information from World on Fire. ...2009.03.12 21:28:00
- Edited by: Daelin Blackleaf on 13/03/2009 02:15:21 This is a document comprised of every fact I cou ...2009.02.22 19:39:00
- *max pokes giant plothole for alot of poking damage*Your somehow aware of all the news articles, chr ...2009.02.22 03:44:00
- Posting in a run noobs off in droves and ruin any Empire casual/solo thread.If all the old PvE conte ...2009.02.22 03:39:00
- More AI, less ships... less lag? Certainly more interesting missions. Just add them as new missions ...2009.02.22 03:10:00

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