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- Nice ship mate, hope it sells quick for you (free bump ;) ) ...2010.02.05 15:10:00
- right... simple request I think...I'd like to see the directional scanner get a slider that slides b ...2009.11.26 15:44:00
- This really better be a typo Seleene or you just undid all the good work you've done on these ships. ...2009.11.12 12:12:00
- I would rather see it as a module for the lows. And add 1 low slot to the freighter. Some juggling a ...2009.08.05 14:58:00
- Here we go again ...I'll beat you (with a stick) if you get this one >.> ...2009.06.22 22:07:00
- without going in detail why I find this a bad idea in general, all you lore buffs need to check your ...2009.06.20 12:00:00
- Over the past few day's we've gained some people, shed some inactive members....So we are still recr ...2009.06.16 14:06:00
- We are still recruiting members as listed in the opening post!PVP Pilots who are interested in joini ...2009.06.10 09:40:00
- Free bump for DFC !Flew with'm in their alliance under the An Eye For An Eye Corporation back in Par ...2009.05.15 22:24:00
- Nexus Alliance is recruiting PVP Corps.a Bit of Info:Nexus Alliance was founded over 6 months ago an ...2009.05.05 15:27:00
- Incorrect. It is a major, major boost for falcons in small-gang warfare. They're able to be in clo ...2009.04.17 08:40:00
- Edited by: Sky Marshal on 08/04/2009 19:43:17Well, instead of use ECCM modules that generate a loss ...2009.04.08 21:13:00
- Orca blueprint original for sale at ME 1940 mil in Perimeter, 10 mil below Jita prica and at ME 1 ! ...2009.02.16 13:44:00
- bumping, still up for sale in Jita 4-4.Original Orca Blueprint, ME 1 975 Million. ...2009.01.31 12:59:00
- Bumping - 2 days to goORCA BPO - ME 11 Bil it won't go lower and is a good price for a BPO costing 9 ...2008.12.30 09:32:00

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