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- Ah, come very cogent thoughts in this response Jonathan.Edited by: Jonathan Malcom on 05/07/2011 18: ...2011.07.05 20:33:00
- Well some interesting responses but the vitriol by a lot doesnt seem to come with any coherent busin ...2011.07.05 13:58:00
- Well I'm not sure what all that rock throwing analogy was about but of course my opinions are my own ...2011.07.04 20:35:00
- Edited by: Canteen Charlie on 04/07/2011 20:02:09 Tippia lol I see your ambiance and raise you "nic ...2011.07.04 20:02:00
- WATCH FIGHTER DRONE TARGET DAMAGE AFTER WARP OFF This annoys me that cruiser size fighter drones ca ...2011.02.26 00:30:00
- People have gone nuts over their avatars. Just look at the overwhelmingly positive response they've ...2011.02.09 08:44:00
- Eve Gate could be so much better let that be said, but one annoying thing is that I can't see any no ...2011.02.08 08:10:00
- THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS!!I linked it in the MOTD for our entire alliance. It's a phenomenal too ...2011.02.07 09:57:00
- Well I was asked for an update and we just finished 6 hours on SISI. We have the C5's down now. No s ...2011.01.31 04:08:00
- I completely agree with this post. PI is much much more fun now. I had one of my players doing PI an ...2011.01.27 23:17:00
- We're also going on Sisi tomorrow and switching to shield remote repping and using all minmatar ship ...2011.01.13 00:57:00
- Yeah, I'm on the Singularity chat channel when I'm on SISI but not many people talk, bit disappointi ...2011.01.12 06:40:00
- ah. the beta. i didnt eve know that was there and i was wondering why not a single contract with the ...2011.01.12 05:33:00
- So I'm beginning to be a regular on SISI as we test out WH tactics and ran first into the very annoy ...2011.01.12 02:17:00
- Well this was a big concern for me as well as one of our corp divisions moved into a C5 a month ago ...2011.01.12 01:57:00

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