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- T2 tachs with radio crystalswhy mate why.... go get some scorch. ...2011.07.11 06:37:00
- I agree that Frigates being insta-popped by sentry guns really does suck.However, instead of making ...2011.06.28 06:29:00
- While docked, you appear in person - outside of your ship, pod, etc. However if you attempt to jump ...2011.06.25 19:16:00
- La bump. ...2011.06.17 14:57:00
- Lowball Heavy Industries is based in Caldari space, and we focus on lowsec roams and other methods o ...2011.06.16 20:22:00
- My max angular velocity is 1.1457. i meet that requirement.Double check the tracking speed on your g ...2011.06.10 05:07:00
- 1) You're in a Rifter, vs another Rifter plus max skilled Griffin, you're permajammed and lose.2) Yo ...2011.06.03 00:25:00
- First one, and I expect to be called lazy/dumb/gb2WoW/rusrs/etc, but it would be so nice if CCP had ...2011.05.31 17:18:00
- Irjunen was always better than Motsu anyway. ...2011.05.16 18:39:00
- When I was a younger pilot, I spent what was a LOT of isk on Advanced spaceship command.Trained to l ...2011.05.13 23:41:00
- then at least position your ship so it's aligned even if it isn't moving - no reason not to.*ahem* T ...2011.05.03 02:34:00
- Eats, shoots, and leaves. ...2011.05.01 05:03:00
- I set orbit at approx 1 metre and opened fire.lmao, nice little story man... thanks :) ...2011.04.28 07:22:00
- Get your faction standings up. Your agent's effective standing can't go below your faction standing, ...2011.04.26 15:40:00
- What hell is making these people think that more jamming = more risk? ...2011.04.21 19:28:00

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