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- Cool, thanks.As a small tribute to the downloader...It downloaded eve, tried to installed it, then c ...2009.04.10 18:34:00
- Ok, so my eve installation dies so I head on out to the eve website and now we have a download manag ...2009.04.10 14:30:00
- There is one major issue with the Dominix though: It's a turd. You know, if the Domi's a turd, can y ...2009.03.16 09:31:00
- The point of the exercise was, I believe, not to stay alive but to simply rep as much as possible. S ...2009.03.16 09:21:00
- Oh the irony its too much, ''should I stop training caldari to train gallente because they look bett ...2009.03.13 06:10:00
- I'm going to say dominix for the drone escape tactic it can use.Since sleepers switch agro very fast ...2009.03.13 06:00:00
- I've had the same issue.Had a grav site down to a red ring with 2 0.25au probes.Wherever I added ano ...2009.03.12 22:21:00
- Please stop reinventing the wheel when all you need to do is fixing one loose screw.Just give damps ...2009.03.12 10:35:00
- Other threads indicate initial signal strengths of .26 and .16 indicate wormholes. Hope this helps.I ...2009.03.12 10:26:00
- Use your drones as a shield to reduce the DPS you take rofl Can imagine a carrier with 10,000 light ...2009.03.12 09:20:00
- I guess for snipers, T2 long range ammo could affect targeting range. Would kill off all of those T1 ...2009.03.12 09:16:00
- The problem with *that* solution is that suddenly it's impossible for damps to affect any battlesh ...2009.03.12 03:48:00
- Would i be able to rat in 0.0 succesfully in say a T1 cruiser?I went around ratting serps in an incu ...2009.03.12 03:41:00
- this would just make sniping harder imo, you already need to give up a fair few mids on some ships f ...2009.03.12 03:33:00
- Heard a few early reports of carriers causing more BS to spawn, and judging by the sounds of the BS ...2009.03.12 03:06:00

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