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- Real battlefields and geographic locations mostly do not have the kinds of artificial choke points ...2010.09.10 22:45:00
- The same reason we don't give our APIs to EveMetrics. ...2010.08.25 02:15:00
- eve has lost that lovin' feelingDear CCP, Take my Breath Away . ...2010.08.10 21:44:00
- Союз Социалисти& ...2010.08.04 19:39:00
- I have a social life and soon to be moving in with a girlfriend, and she hates the time I devote to ...2010.08.03 22:53:00
- Edited by: Namira Sable on 03/08/2010 20:42:41 Anything particularly wrong with this plan?Nope, but ...2010.08.03 20:42:00
- I could have sworn I saw some threads with similar themes. ...2010.08.03 14:50:00
- If anything Empire needs a MASSIVE reduction in the number of stations. So many are empty and a wast ...2010.08.01 14:11:00
- Fixed it for you.You might want to consult a dictionary. ...2010.08.01 02:35:00
- It's hostile because people get cranky when they can't play their game. ...2010.08.01 00:57:00
- We cant shoot each other because of the lag.There in lies the rub, and the reason why the OP is out ...2010.07.31 21:47:00
- ... are people like you and me. You think people would rather whine on a forum than be in game shoot ...2010.07.31 21:33:00
- I've got 2 10 day guest passes to WoW that came with StarCraft 2. If you're interested feel free to ...2010.07.29 22:18:00
- You are crying to a dog that has lost both ears, unfortunatly :(But still a dog of war? ...2010.07.29 19:32:00
- Ships destroyed by use of the "self destruct" feature, whether intentionally or accidentally, cannot ...2010.07.29 17:53:00

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