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- On March 1, Chris posted on facebook that it's 80% done.CS3 TeaserCan't wait. ...2011.03.10 20:12:00
- Call me conservative but any east asian face without the darkest possible eye colour looks odd to me ...2011.01.30 11:12:00
- ...2011.01.19 11:54:00
- I really need to keep one char slot open... I'm totally addicted to this creator. ...2011.01.19 08:43:00
- /not signedIf they wait until everyone is satisfied it will never come out. After creating five furt ...2011.01.17 13:32:00
- ... Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the way this was discovered and subsequently communicat ...2011.01.17 13:24:00
- Edited by: Joshua Deakin on 08/01/2011 12:16:20I can see all character choices and sculpt them , mal ...2011.01.08 14:48:00
- Edited by: Turay on 08/01/2011 11:17:43 But will we able to change races, bloodlines? Furthermore p ...2011.01.08 12:10:00
- Outfit any amarr male with the robe and then whirl the char around in the full body view: That's wh ...2010.12.27 18:14:00
- - The colour bars are too dark (too small) and do not resemble the output.- A capability to save the ...2010.12.21 22:13:00
- Also, for the one who referenced Apocalypse Now: Yes, oh yes; but go deeper. Compare the first parag ...2010.11.17 06:53:00
- TBH if I'd have voted for you I would be royally ****ed now.Thank god I do not tend to vote for dram ...2010.10.31 19:47:00
- They need a big teaser for the fanfest in spring '11, so all my bets are on an avalanche of Incarna ...2010.10.14 20:07:00
- Having had to endure the 9001:2008 audit just two weeks ago: GTFO ! There's nothing more senseless ...2010.07.17 14:19:00
- Right on spot ...2010.07.13 14:46:00

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