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- Where is your killboard? ...2011.07.08 08:29:00
- This thread just may become larger than Lord Makk’s failure—it just may. ...2011.06.13 11:09:00
- Edited by: EagleKnight11B on 13/06/2011 10:47:07 Allow me to conclude this thread as i'm leaving th ...2011.06.13 10:46:00
- Genos Occidere is an Anti-Pirate, Caldari loyalist corporation, with a NRDS (not red shoot it policy ...2011.06.13 10:35:00
- U Mad?According to you, we're always mad when you post, hell its all you ever post :)Have you someth ...2011.06.13 10:25:00
- Whats wrong makk, is the random critisim getting to you? Poor baby.Nothing can get to me :) I'm havi ...2011.06.13 10:20:00
- No Training Emo FC Noob ECM pilots Bad Comms Emo FCOh did I mention EMO FC LMAOPost on your main ...2011.06.13 10:14:00
- Happy 5th, and congrats! ...2011.05.09 16:46:00
- CH you had an excellent run. I will drink a cold one for you. Cheers. ...2010.09.15 19:26:00
- Edited by: EagleKnight11B on 05/09/2010 13:12:16 Our alliance kicked us out because we would not pu ...2010.09.05 13:12:00
- Some love ...2010.08.31 15:35:00
- ..I.. ..I..Join 11BThat's seriously the grumpiest looking avatar I've ever seen.I am not grumpy, jus ...2010.08.24 02:21:00
- ..I.. ..I..Join 11B ...2010.08.21 11:55:00
- To be fair, eagleknight is legitimately ******ed, he is deserving of our pity and alms, maybe his im ...2010.03.06 13:36:00
- Every word of this has summoned a feeling I have only felt once before, when I was fooled into belie ...2010.03.06 12:47:00

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