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- Thanks Poeser Rufus and Lugalzagezi666 for the input, tis definatly giving me food for thought. Un- ...2009.11.05 14:15:00
- Its possible, but id suggest using hmls. Hams dont have enough range for wh pveing imo /also tengu e ...2009.11.05 10:29:00
- The Tengu is a shield tank, not armor tank. And there's no RR bonus subsystem that I can see; Legio ...2009.11.04 20:16:00
- Hiya everyone.Me and some corp mates are tying to put together a 3-4 man tengu rr fleet but i can't ...2009.11.04 18:43:00
- No one? ...2009.10.24 13:13:00
- I am looking for someone to recruit for our corporation, please contact me in game, If I am not on-l ...2009.10.23 09:45:00
- BUMP ...2009.10.10 12:25:00
- Tripping the Rift is a casual EVE corporation based on communial work towards a common goal PROFIT!W ...2009.10.09 12:31:00
- Edited by: Alth on 27/06/2009 10:09:58 Recruitment still open, 4 places left now ...2009.06.27 10:09:00
- Tripping the Rift is a small group of friends from the UK and Europe, most of us have been playing E ...2009.06.26 13:49:00
- Many thanks ...2009.05.26 13:31:00
- money sent, account wizzzzard please many thanks ...2009.05.26 13:13:00
- Is this toon still available? been on since downtime finished but you haven't. ...2009.05.26 12:52:00
- 2.7bil ...2009.05.26 09:09:00
- I have contacted you in-game regarding these two, please reply when you get a chance, ill be online ...2009.05.25 10:45:00

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