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- I think the only thing scary about this thread is the inability of many of you to understand what ...2011.03.19 19:48:00
- I actually want to vote for you and get you the chair position. The crash and burn that is likely to ...2011.03.17 23:19:00
- Appears that people who read the candidates blogs and listen to their interviews support Rippard. M ...2011.03.17 23:11:00
- Would be nice to get rid of Black Market Trading though... ...2010.12.18 02:42:00
- So you lol'd that they wardec'd a 1 man corp with a member that never left station - and not only di ...2010.12.03 14:17:00
- Meh. Peeps update their Facebook status too -as if anyone really cares about their meaningless excus ...2010.12.03 14:09:00
- For me it will be a 3-step program..1. Cov-op, fraps on ,ctrl + F9, open beer, drink and enjoy the o ...2010.12.03 13:44:00
- Edited by: Squirrrel on 20/11/2010 23:46:50 I could probably beat that ship for a couple reasons. ...2010.11.20 23:46:00
- Easy way of doing it is thus:Mission Runner clears first room/stage and moves on to second room/stag ...2010.11.17 13:47:00
- CCP does not hate mission runners, they just never intended for thousands of zombies to keep doing t ...2010.11.17 13:35:00
- Right now I think it is silly: you can be a pirate, a war hero, a captain of industry, etc. Its as ...2010.11.15 14:26:00
- If there was an Energy Management skill L6, I'd train it, so yes as it's a core support skill for an ...2010.11.05 14:25:00
- You can basically do that right now if you want top spend RL money for SP. Just buy plexes and spend ...2010.11.05 14:17:00
- And two weeks since any update.I do hope the CSM are pushing the matter; it seems like it's a case o ...2009.01.02 00:20:00
- Happy new year to all of you.Hopes of CCP to bring back off sub. training...See you all next year.Ye ...2008.12.31 23:59:00

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